Hi, I'm Kate.

As a conference and retreat speaker, online course creator and recording artist, I dynamically infuse music, healing and spiritual formation to equip  leaders, counselors, educators and individuals, with life-changing, practical tools for the healing journey and resources to help them experience authentic self-care, rest and a balanced life.


Download this powerful list of principles to transform the way you think, see yourself and the world around you.

What Can I Do? 


6 Profound Shifts In the Way You Treat Yourself

Have you ever felt stuck in the way you think and about yourself and others? Download this powerful list of foundational principles I've used to silence my inner critic and embrace who God has made me to be.


The Artist Way

This is my hub for all things Kate White Music!  CDs, videos, song stories...as an Indie Folk and Worship Artist, I write songs from an honest place. You'll find songs that challenge the status quo, while others bring hope and encouragement.  I hope you will find a resting place here and make yourself at home!

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The Healing Way

I've heard it said that life is hard and God is good.  That's not easy to swallow...If God is truly God, He can definitely handle our questions, our doubts and our fears.  I don't know all the answers, but I do know that when I started being honest with God and facing the heartache I had, that He showed up and never left.  

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The Transformational Way

Life has become chaotic, stressful and isolated.  I realized that if I was going to live a life of joy I needed to slow down and get to know God, not just know about Him.  How do we live a balanced life, find rest, be still?  For those who are thirsty, come and be refreshed.

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The words  most often used to describe Kate are peace giver, comforter, encourager, truth-teller, lover of souls.  She's also known for her genuine authenticity and her ability to disarm people and put them at ease.  As an international speaker and master storyteller, her greatest desire is that you would find something in her story to ignite your hearts and find hope and resolve for your own.  Here's what people are saying about Kate:

"Kate has God-given wisdom in the area of healing, restoration and rest.  Her words are powerful and challenging, yet kind and loving.  Every time Kate speaks, she ushers in the Lord's peace into the room and it fills the entire space.  I would be at every Kate White Ministries event if I could." 

Mikey Moore, Creative Arts Director, Crossroads Church, Vancouver, WA

"I love all the knowledge that Kate carries.  She is such an amazing woman of God.  She speaks with such eloquence, love and understanding.  The Lord has done such a beautiful work in her life."

Sandra Malaxi, Hungary Conference 2019


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