"Our heart is restless until it finds its rest in Thee." 

 - St. Augustine

Weekly Zoom Meditation Group 

Join me for a time of restoration, spiritual stillness and focus through Christ-centered guided prayer and meditation. This is a time just for you. I will lead us through different scriptures each week with room to experience His presence, comfort and assurance, guidance and hope. No preparation is needed!

Each season we offer a 4-6 week session where we meet weekly for one hour in the morning.  It's rare in our busy lives to just "soak" in the Word. Come experience a restful and transformational time in your spiritual journey. 

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In The Quiet...

One of the greatest gifts I’ve received in the pursuit of wholeness with God at the center has been a hunger for His Word and presence. 

To know Him more deeply, not just know about Him.  

As truth would have it, I quickly discovered that to know God meant a willingness to know myself...  

This can be scary but also freeing! 

We are loved and cherished for who we are not who we wish we were. But God loves us too much to leave us there!

Through this journey of intimacy with God and greater self-awareness I have sought to become a listener. 

A listener of God first, through His Word and Spirit, then a listener of others and, with His help...

A listener of my own body, soul, spirit and emotions.

Conferences And Retreats

Sometimes we just need to get away...To recharge, go deeper and pause long enough to ask the question, "Are we experiencing God in the daily moments of our lives?"



Discover the JOY of living a balanced life physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

ReFresh events are designed to create room for God so we can hear His voice and rest in His presence.  

We will explore His heart for us in living a balanced life as:

Kate shares valuable insights on how to be more attentive to our physical, spiritual and emotional well-being.

Come weary, leave rested.

           Come rested...leave refreshed.


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Leaving A Legacy

When we look back on our lives, what are the things we will cherish and treasure? 

What longings and desires are hidden away for fear they are out of reach? 

Is it possible that there are mysteries and the miraculous in the mundane moments of life?

God's heart speaks tenderly as He...

Leads us through the messiness of life and shows us how to grab hold of the things that truly matter and...

With His help, release the things that don't. 

It's never been about perfection, but about living fully in this present moment. 

The only moment we truly have.

This weekend is designed to explore the rich inheritance we have in Jesus and how we can, through living a life of surrender and exploration, leave a legacy:

Through the Word, prayer, love and hope.

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Leadership Spiritual Formation & Guided Silent Retreats

This retreat is designed to take your church or organization's leadership and/or staff on a guided retreat that can be tailored to what your people most need.. For some, the idea of a whole day of silence is too much, especially if they've never done this before. Many need structure and guidance as they enter into the silence.

These retreats can address our weariness, longing, questions about God and how to go deeper on an inward journey with Christ. Teaching on different aspects of the spiritual life can also be included to round out the day. 

Individual and small group (2-3) guided retreats are also available and include spiritual direction upon request.

We Need This!

Guided Meditations

Let Kate guide you through different scripture and prayerful meditations of the heart.  Themes include, peace, rest, balance. These are listed topically so that you might chose what would most meet your needs. 

Reflections And Prayers

Written prayers and reflections around nature and everyday moments of life to help us go deeper and bring a sense of  calm in the midst of life's uncertainty.

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