"For as long as I can remember, music has been an extension of my soul – a way to express my heart, to heal, to encourage others, to speak truth in a song that can break through the walls around someone’s heart and let them know they are loved and that they matter."         

-Kate White

Rise Up 

Eight records in, Rise Up, is a full worship album combining the best of Kate’s folk influences with an indie / pop feel that is sure to bring a fresh sound to mainstream worship music.

Kate says, “The songs on this record truly reflect a sense of gratitude and celebration rising up out of the ashes. The struggle is real, but there is a joy that rises up from the rubble and makes something utterly beautiful and profound out of our lives when as we are faithful. May these songs bring a new intimacy and power to your walk with Jesus! And may they remind you of the freedom we have and the rest He has promised.”

Rise up is available wherever digital music is sold!

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Six Feet Down 

Six Feet Down has an Allison Krauss / Robert Plant ‘Rising Sands’ vibe with some Civil Wars mixed in.  Rooted in her own story, this album authentically covers deeper struggles of life, yet lifts to a hopeful conclusion.

Kate shares, “The message of this project weaves through the deeper brokenness of our lives and gives a voice to subjects that music often dances around but never fully addresses.  The beauty of it is it’s specific and illusive at the same time.  It calls you out if you’ve lied and cheated your way through life, yet it gives you a voice if you’ve never been heard.  It’s my prayer that this CD will give hope to those who are on both sides of an offense and strengthen all of us to move toward truth and wholeness.”

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Six Feet Down Music Video

A Christmas To Remember

 A collection of Christmas songs and instrumentals that reflect the Kate White Band's unique acoustic interpretation of the traditional classics, including celtic, bluegrass and classical roots with a touch of renaissance. Kate's 2 originals, "Holy One" and "Winter's Thaw" add both a festive and winter reflection.

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Turning Pages

Turning Pages is full of story songs ..About life, love, loss, celebration and worship. Stylistically, there's some country/pop and folk rock influence. This album captures life moments that we can all relate to. Kate shares, "My prayer is that, in some small way, you will be able to find something in my life that resonates with yours."

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Here takes the listener to a deeper place of the heart. Her honest lyrics and tender, yet sometimes haunting melodies, will draw you in to find comfort, strength and peace in the midst of life's circumstances. Expect a contemporary sound mixed with tender, Celtic influences.

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