Recently, someone asked me, "What does healing feel like? "  I thought for a minute and said, "Life is now in 4-color instead of B & W and I hear the birds!  I treasure each moment even when it's hard...I feel grounded and safe to just be me, inside and out.  I know, trust and experience Jesus as the intimate lover of my heart and my inner critic is now my best friend..."

                                    - Kate White

Why We Should Tell Our Stories


Is there a part of your story that you've never shared with anyone?  Are you longing to tell someone close to you, but don't know how?  Maybe you feel like you've shared too much and wish you could take it back. 


Discover practical guidelines on why, how, when and with whom we should tell our stories, and experience the safety of being known and supported.

Yes, I Need That

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Are there common tendencies we all have in the healing journey? If I knew what was holding me back, wouldn't I jump at the chance to change?

What Can I Do?

There were times where I wanted a direct pick line to my therapist!  I was desperate to know what I could do to heal and actually manage my life between sessions!!   These 6 principles are foundational to the way I live and I still use them today.

That's Me!

Top 5 Excuses to Avoid Healing

I get it.  It's hard to admit there's places in our lives that aren't working. On top of that, who has time...  But can I really afford not to?  If you're curious enough to be tempted to grab this freebie, you probably should!

Okay, I Gotta See This!

Top 10 Indicators You're Ready To Heal

This is one of those insightful check lists that will take the guess work out of your next steps and help you realize that the very behaviors that are freaking you out are actually a good sign that you are ready to move forward!

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10 Steps To Lasting Forgiveness Conference

Have you ever experienced a time where no matter how hard you tried, you simply could not forgive someone?  It doesn't happen often, but when it does, saying the simple phrase, "I forgive you" isn't enough. How many times have you opened up and shared your struggle with someone else, only to hear, "You just need to forgive that person and move on!"  We all know that God commands us to forgive those who've hurt us.  But for harder-to-navigate relationships and offenses, it's easier said than done.  Why isn't my forgiveness taking hold?  And how do I get to the place where I even want to forgive?  Kate seamlessly weaves her story throughout her conference that reflects her journey from bitterness to forgiveness with teaching that is both biblical and practical, including:

- Addressing the confusion around forgiveness,

-Turning our hearts toward forgiveness,

- A 10 Step Guide to lasting forgiveness, and

- Differentiating between forgiveness and reconciliation.  



Unraveling The Story Masterclass

Our next masterclass will start on October 9, 2023!ᅠ This 8-week online course cover barriers to healing, including unpacking the tough questions like, "Why Do We Suffer?" and "If God loves me now, where was He then?" We'll also take a close look at our negative self-talk and begin to unpack the lies we've believed or vows that we've made (often on an unconscious level) that are sabataging our lives. There is also a whole module on practical, therapeutic tools for the healing journey - dealing with triggers, how to grow in self-care and self-management, internal dialogue and dealing with difficult / unsafe people in our lives.ᅠᅠ

This course offers:

- Life-time access,

- Supplemental materials and...

- A private FB group where you will be able to ask questions, process in a caring community and apply the content at your own pace.ᅠ

- A weekly Zoom meeting to go deeper / answer questions and walk through examples from the week's material (available on the course platform for those who cannot make the scheduledmeeting).

Registration will be open in September 25th, 2023!ᅠ


Practical Tools For The Healing Journey Workshop


Kate partners with therapists to offer their clients who have experienced deeper trauma and abuse resources for self-care and self-management between their therapeutic sessions.   

The healing journey through recovery can be traumatic in it’s own right as...

Survivors walk through the process of recovering memories of their abuse and trauma. 

Plodding through the overwhelm, survivors wonder how they will:

  - Cope with the pain and grief of their history and...

  - Still manage present-day life, work, family, outside relationships and the myriad of triggers that they encounter. 

Through her own story, Kate will share practical tools that have helped her to navigate this healing journey sharing ways to:

Grow in greater self awareness,

Develop a nurturing and compassionate heart toward our inner world and...

Differentiate between trying to “control” and suppress what’s going on inside versus creating an environment of openness, curiosity and safety.

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