Break Free From

Troubling Thoughts and Behaviors in 2022


And experience the freedom, hope, and joy you’ve been longing for.

(without the emotional overwhelm, the nagging fear that this is just another self-help gimmick to waste your money, and the internal barrage that you’ll never change.)

If you are looking to heal the wounds of your past, deepen your trust in God and speed up your healing process...

Then you probably already know you need to get to the root cause of your issues to live in a place of joy, peace and contentment.


But how do we get there??


What if you could discover what's missing in your therapy or support group, supplement the work you're already doing, and get to the finish line that much quicker?


Or, maybe you're just getting started. Wouldn't it  be great to know practical things you could do to contribute to the process, and give yourself clarity on next steps?





Even if you haven't experienced any major trauma, digging deeper could offer you life-changing results:



    Imagine the boost in your self-worth, if you no longer felt inadequate or compared yourself to others. 


    Stop feeling helpless!  Wake up knowing you’ll have a clear process to unravel both the root cause and any additional layers of sabotage.


    Feel confident to unravel, not only root causes of an issue, but to experience good self-care and self-regulation when under stress or triggered! 


    Experience thoughts, emotions, ideas and dreams without the “devil’s advocate” constantly sounding off in your head!


    Yes, it's possible!  Both now, and in the future.  There's hope!


    Even if you’ve experienced deeper trauma or abuse, imagine the day when you and your therapist are working seamlessly together, where the work you are able to do OUTSIDE of therapy is moving you closer and faster to the end result you long for. Imagine knowing how to de-escalate a panic attack and calm your heart without frantically trying to call your therapist and get in for an emergency session, or showing yourself kindness and curiosity about your story instead of constantly running from it.  It IS possible.

Even though the reasons to get emotionally and spiritually healthy are 
OBVIOUS, the process to actually achieve this IS NOT.

"For years, I pushed down my growing up years and found myself in a battle. Without the light of Jesus, I dealt with condemnation, guilt, anxiety and depression. When I met the Lord, He showed me His grace and that I am forgiven. Kate taught me how to face my fears and the truth about what happened. She showed me how to forgive myself and give myself grace, no matter how awful I thought I was. Through Kate, I learned how to peel back the layers, getting to the root causes of so much of my pain. It didn't happen overnight, but today, I can truly say, as I use Kate's tools, that the Light is shining through and I know how to truly forgive. I now have the privilege to say that Kate White is a teacher and a Waymaker. Thank you, Kate!"

Opening Cashier at Wayside Market, Vancouver, WA

"I'm so grateful I got to know Kate early in my Christian life. Her teaching, tools, and the methods she recommended were so practical and at the same time, so rooted in biblical truth that I could apply them in many areas of my life and could literally feel the change they brought about. I've adopted many of these tools, and have turned them into everyday practice, often without even thinking now. Apart from her teaching, her personality, her contagious passion for God and for the broken, her sensitivity and discernment have greatly inspired me . Last spring, we put on her Wounded To Worthy Conference in Budapest. Afterward, we heard from many of the participants about how Kate's personal story, teaching and songs have touched their lives. We can't wait to have her back, as many people would benefit from her thorough insights and systematic, yet very practical and personal methods."

Promotor & Event Organizer for Wounded To Worthy, Budapest, Hungary

Hmm...So, ready to dive into the Healing Journey?  It’s SO WORTH IT!

But how do I choose what will be effective and long lasting?

Perhaps in your bravest moments you’ve made the commitment to start.

You’ve watched a ton of YouTube videos, gone to conferences, and listened to podcasts on the areas you want to focus on. You’ve made a list of the behaviors you want to change, and have begun implementing that to the best of your ability. 

If you’re super committed, you may have invested in counseling or a weekly support group that provides accountability and great insights into the healing process.

But even with the best of intentions, most still wrestle day to day with the nagging issues they started with, and while behaviorally they’ve made progress here and there, the foundational problems remain, even with every attempt at self-discipline and resolve.


Without a clear, step-by-step roadmap that comprehensively removes the roadblocks to healing and forgiveness, all the understanding in the world won’t bring healing. 

They fall victim to having only some of the pieces to the puzzle. Each piece is crucial to create the completed picture and put it back together again.


After the money you’ve spent, the lack of progress, and the vulnerability it brings to the surface when you still have daily life to live, it’s hard not to give up.

That’s why we need a proven path to HOPE that we can count on.

The good news is, I genuinely believe that the work you’ve done so far has not been wasted!  Every piece of the puzzle is needed and I’m confident that you are closer to your goal than you can imagine.  And that’s a reason to celebrate!

And hey, even if you are just getting started, there’s no better place to be than where you are at - ready to move forward and find resolution.

That is…if you can avoid some of the same dead ends you or others have experienced, and finally grab hold of the pieces of the puzzle necessary to complete the story of you.


The 5 Reasons MOST People Quit their pursuit of healing 

(And how to make sure you don't!)


You are convinced that the problem is YOU and that you will never change.

The truth is, there is always an actual reason for why you got to where you’re at.  Something happened that caused you to change your behavior as a way to protect yourself.  You are NOT fundamentally flawed! You are reacting in a way that made sense at the time.



You say to yourself, "The truth about why I think and behave the way I do is a mystery.  If I haven't figured it out yet, I probably never will."

In actuality, the truth about your “why” is not a mystery at all.  It may take some work to connect the dots, but once you figure it out, it will make perfect sense!  I’m pretty confident that you already know more than you think.



You think, "God doesn't care.  If He really loved me, He would have healed me by now."

God cares SO MUCH MORE than you realize.  He delights in you, has chosen you, and longs to know you more deeply. But He will never force His agenda on you.  He is willing to remain at arms length, even though His heart breaks for you, until you are in a safe place emotionally, spiritually and physically, and ready to make the first move forward toward wholeness and healing.



You are helpless to move forward without outside help or therapy.

 A great counselor is a genuine gift.  Support groups or community groups trained in group therapy or 12 step options are also invaluable.   I don’t know your story, and depending on the depth  of your issues, a gifted and wise counselor or support group may be an important part of your healing process.  But listen, you are not helpless! There are things YOU CAN DO to heal!  In fact, YOU are the most important contributor to your healing journey, and without YOUR help it won’t happen!  I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support, tools, and wisdom I received from counselors dedicated to their field and small groups focused on healing.  But it was extremely liberating to discover all the things I could do to heal and speed up the process!



Only people with serious problems like abuse and addiction need healing. 

Abuse is always traumatic, but trauma is not always abusive.  Loss, betrayal, divorce or a broken relationship, rejection, feeling misunderstood, a falling out with a business partner or friend.  These are ALL traumatic but not abusive.  When we understand the distinction, we realize that we have all gone through some form of trauma, and it has shaped the way we think, feel, and live.  Maybe you haven’t been abused, but God wants to heal the effects of and your responses to the trauma you’ve been through, and bring freedom.



Even though the market is flooded with exceptional therapeutic and faith-based resources on healing, it’s not easy  to know where to turn.

A few people get amazing results and find what they need, but most get discouraged and give up.

But if you could find a balanced and comprehensive, step-by-step program that eliminated confusion on where to start and how to move forward, that weeded out redundancy and was extremely effective as a stand alone or along side of a support group or therapy,  the path to the freedom you long for would be so much easier.

The key ingredient to all of this is securing a process that does NOT start with trying to strong-arm the symptomatic behavior that you are now dealing with, but a process that addresses the inception of those behaviors and wrong beliefs and the layers/barriers that were built upon the original wound. 

…And with your permission, that’s what I’d LOVE to show you how to do!


with Kate White


The Complete Step-By-Step Process for  Identifying Your Barriers to Healing...and Launch You into a Life of Wholeness and Freedom

I've taken everything I’ve learned from multiple, faith-based healing modalities and years of counseling, as well as walking hundreds of people through this process (either individually, or through 3 different healing conferences I’ve produced), and put it all into a comprehensive, step-by-step implementation program that not only teaches you the principles of breaking down the barriers we’ve discussed, but introduces an authentic healing process from the inside out.  This process replaces the barriers and lies with the truth of who you are, and who you were always meant to be, both in God’s eyes and your own.



Yes, you’ll learn the reasons behind why you think and behave the way you do, but more importantly, you’ll have a step-by-step process that leaves nothing out, and can be consistently applied, both now, and in the future when other wounds surface or happen.

The end result:  A proven strategy and process with long-term viability to address any hurt or wound that may arise, either from your past or present life situation.



Is the first program of it’s kind that offers ALL of the following in one place with the internal perspective of a trauma survivor that:


No fancy psychoanalysis here and nothing to overwhelm you or sabotage your progress.  You are who you are and you do what you do for a reason and the approach focuses on discovering this truth.



Connecting the dots to your original wounds and the layers of self-protection created as a result of those wounds brings tremendous hope and direction for your next steps.



This is unpacked in detail along with a deeper understanding of the process of healing itself and it’s benefits versus the idea of “instant” healing and why.



Not only do I make the process clear and easy to understand, but I take nothing for granted and really go step-by step to ensure you are familiar and equipped to do the work presented.



These tools are effective and life-changing for everyone! This truth can lead to healing and freedom that so many do not pursue because of misunderstanding the nature of trauma.  Some will still need counseling, but ALL will find greater healing and freedom. 



By combining these two approaches, the best of both worlds are knit seamlessly together and provide a safety net where all the pieces of the puzzle are finally considered and nothing is left unturned.

So Who Is This Trauma Survivor Promising You Amazing Results?

My name is Kate!

I am wife to Jeff, mom to 3, and Nana to 6! I am an international conference speaker and recording artist with 8 albums and a few movie credits to my name! I am the Executive Director of Kate White Ministries, and have a huge heart for the broken. This ministry has taken bands and conferences into countless prisons, shelters, youth detention facilities and churches in the U.S. and abroad. It's been a privilege to share my story, music and teaching of the hope and healing Jesus can bring...



But I haven't always been on this side of healing.  My abuse history started surfacing nearly 30 years ago, when we were missionaries in Budapest, Hungary. Jeff would say I went from being "up to speed" to being a crazy woman.  After 2 years of living with this hot mess, he seriously considered disappearing on an unexpected trip home to the states, while I was wondering how to tell people about a God I loved that I hated. It's been a long journey to get to where we are today, but I can honestly say we love each other more now than we ever have, and there's nothing I want more than to help others experience the reality that healing is possible.



"I’ve walked beside Kate on her healing journey for more than 15 years, all the while, being mentored by her towards my own walk to freedom. Through Kate’s teaching of the tools she’s learned and developed, I’ve been able to heal emotionally and spiritually in ways of forgiveness that I hadn’t previously been aware of, ways that left me stuck in my maturity. There are so many other people that are hurting and need what she has to offer in the way of acceptance of our short-comings, and hope that we can be refreshed anew. Kate has endured and overcome incredible life challenges which has only deepened her faith. Her personal walk through healing exemplifies what every person with a traumatic history desires to find; that inner-peace that surpasses all human understanding. "

Christine Mousel
Occupational Therapist, Vancouver, WA

""In the three years that I’ve known Kate White, I’ve personally been on the receiving end of her wisdom and kindness. I have also participated with her in groups and observed her apply these principles to help people stuck in their critical thinking or in prolonged emotional pain find healing.  She holds a space for intent listening and is uniquely graced in the area of compassion.  As a pastor of over 15 years I find Kate consistently has what the Bible calls a timely word or a word in due season. Because, as Kate has expressed to me, “... all abuse is traumatic, but not all trauma is abuse...” I highly recommend this course and encourage any and all to explore its depths. ""

Gabe Moreno
Executive Pastor of Ministries, Crossroads Church, Vancouver, WA

Lets break it down so you can see what you are getting:

A closer look at what's holding you back

This module is important because your questions and concerns, your doubts and fears around what’s happened to you or why you feel stuck, your anger or bitterness toward God and others as a result of your circumstances needs validation, and your possible reluctance to move forward hinges on feeling understood and finding some answers.  We will face some of the hard questions head on, like if God is a loving God, why is there suffering? I don't have all the answers, but I will always be honest and share what’s been helpful for me.

What wrong beliefs, vows, judgments and fears are influencing the way you think, feel and behave? 

Now that you are ready to move forward, you will begin identifying the barriers you have to forgiveness: 

  • You will discover a step-by-step process that will strategically help you to connect your wrong beliefs and behaviors to what happened.
  • You’ll finally make sense of why you haven’t been able to change your beliefs, even though you’ve known they weren’t true, and it will all make sense!
  • This powerful module will also give you the tools to uncover both the layers of an offense as well as the layers of your response to those same offenses and begin to peel those back. This hard work will produce amazing freedom and literally clear the way for module 3!

Finally, get an awesome checklist of what to move through to forgive those you haven't been able to.

With Module 2 behind you, you are now ready to do the work of forgiveness. We are going to break this down step-by-step as well.  No guesswork, no mystery, and plenty of ways to troubleshoot in case you need it!  You'll also become clear on the difference between forgiveness and reconciliation.  Powerful!

Putting it all together

This module is going to revolutionize the way you put all the pieces to the puzzle together!!  With the Cycle Of Hurt, you can plug in ANY information you know regarding an issue you want to resolve, to help you discover what you don't.  Whether you are trying to break down just one behavior and figure out all the life connections to it, or you are looking to create a comprehensive, panoramic picture of your life as a whole, this tool is the bomb!

Self-care tips and therapeutic resources

Available at any time, this module is packed full of practical support to strengthen you in our journey together and beyond, including types of trauma, triggers, how to listen, strategies for dealing with unsafe people and more. I will also have some great tips for caregivers and therapists.

But that's not all!

When you enroll today, you'll received nearly $1,600 in bonuses!!



(A $500 Value)

A members-only group for WTW students to connect with each other, share thoughts and insights, ask questions and offer loving support and accountability for each other with strict guidelines regarding what and how issues are shared. 



(a $1,000 Value)

You do not want to miss these Live Q&A sessions!  Even if you are unable to be there, all pertinent questions submitted the day before the LIVE will be addressed each week and replays can be watched at anytime. For those who don't do FB, you can now watch the replays on the course platform!




( A $24 Value)

The songs on these two albums were written with a heart to bring insight, hope and healing in light of the work I’ve done personally, and will surely resonate with you as you embark on this journey to wholeness.


When you add it all up, there's a total value of $2,621!


(A $997 Value)

You’ll get access to all 5 modules with 21 Videos, PDF worksheets, resource guides and a plethora of tools to help you process the material and get you to the finish line.


  • Develop the skills and confidence needed to effectively unpack original wounds and the layers you’ve built upon them with less fear, and experience a willingness to press in instead of run.
  • Discover which wounds have greater weight than others and be able to focus on those, peeling back the layers of self—sabotage and finding freedom.
  • Have access to complete handholding as you walk through every imaginable step needed to accomplish the work laid out before you.


Because I’m super excited to welcome you into the growing group of men and women who are NOT willing to settle any longer, who are determined to rise up and implement what it takes to fulfill the calling of who they are meant to be, I’m giving you the opportunity to enroll in Wounded To Worthy TODAY for just…




  • Lifetime access to the complete WTW Course
  • Members-Only Facebook Group
  • 8 Wks of LIVE Q&A w/ Kate
  • Kate's 2 Albums




  • Lifetime access to the complete WTW Course
  • Members-Only Facebook Group
  • 8 Wks of LIVE Q&A w/ Kate
  • Kate's 2 Albums




  • Lifetime access to the complete WTW Course
  • Members-Only Facebook Group
  • 8 Wks of LIVE Q&A w/ Kate
  • Kate's 2 Albums

Let me say this upfront.  The investment you make in Wounded To Worthy will last a lifetime!  I am a living testament that you CAN go from just surviving to thriving!

That said, I really want you to feel like you can step into this online course RISK-FREE.    And since it is only as effective as the work you put in, I am giving you 30 days from the start of the course to dive in and get started!  If you don’t feel totally confident and encouraged at the progress you are making, and see firsthand that this course will truly be life-changing for you, just show me the work you’ve done to implement the lessons and I’ll give you a full refund. 

 You can review our full refund policy here.


What People Asked Before Signing Up For Wounded to Worthy…

We have all been hurt in different ways and our response to those hurts can vary.  Though I will use different examples in my teaching, I will NOT be doing specific teaching around these issues. There are many AMAZING resources available that are doing this already. Here’s the reason why:  These issues develop as a RESULT of original wounds that cause pain and self-protective responses. My heart is to help you get to the original wounds (which you may or may not already be familiar with) and THEN uncover everything you’ve subconsciously attached to those wounds that has led to the above outcomes in behavior and more. If we can get to these foundations, you will be able to move forward and find true emotional and spiritual freedom.  The kind of freedom that will allow you to break free from self-sabotage and the unhealthy behaviors listed above.

This program will totally complement the work you are doing!  If you are making headway, I would never want you to stop counseling unless it wasn’t a good fit. Counseling brings understanding to your story, helping you access forgotten memories if that’s where you are at, or helping you reframe what happened to you more accurately. Therapy also helps you to identify blind spots in your life and the way you live, and brings clarity to your issues. This is all vital information, and will help supply some of the significant puzzle pieces we need to put the whole picture together.  That said, the work we will be doing will help expose the OTHER layers you have built upon these wounds.  With the understanding you are able to bring to the table, along with the discoveries you make in this course, you will have the know-how to put it all together, and possibly reduce the time you need in therapy.

I completely understand your fears and concerns, and have truly been there myself. My first suggestion would be for you to download my free document on my website titled,"Top 10 Indicators You're Ready To Heal." Chances are, if you’ve waded through all the content on this page so far, you are experiencing several of these indicators and desperate to find something that will help you move forward.  I have found in my own life that when I was ready to heal (and God was then ready to take me there), that it got to a point where I couldn’t contain it anymore.  And if you are experiencing this, that’s actually a good sign!  It means the things you need to address are close to the surface and ready to be addressed.  All that said, it’s IMPORTANT that you have a good support system in place.  Safe people that you can open up to, who will pray for you, support you when it gets hard, and keep you accountable. This could be a church recovery group or a community mental health group.  I also want to validate you, and am proud that you asked this question.  Good self-care and support is essential and it’s why I offer my Practical Tools for the Healing Journey right up front so it’s accessible at any time.  Self-care and self-management are areas I’ve sought to develop extensively, not only for myself but also as an offering to clients with therapists I partner with. Finally, I will be offering FB Lives each week, where you will be able to submit your questions privately the day before.  I will do my best to prioritize questions around being triggered and self-care, and hopefully be able to offer you solutions that would be specific to your needs.  In the end, only you know the depth of your issues, and even with the support online through this course, I DO want you to have face-to-face support you can rely on.  Trust your gut, and if you are concerned that you do not have the support in place that you need, I encourage you to wait until you do.

Great question! The basic content will be similar to those conferences so if you decide to take the course you will be a step ahead of everyone else, and be more familiar with the general framework.  Here’s the difference, and the reason why I created the course.  With all the content I was bringing, if you left the conference having discovered and applied EVEN ONE of the principles I presented, I was ecstatic!  You see, these are tools I discovered or developed over a 20 year period.  This desire, to unpack the material in a more realistic way and walk beside you step-by-step, was the driving force behind developing this online course.  I wanted to give people the space and time to digest and apply what they were learning. I wanted to offer a supportive community and to walk the journey with you. I also wanted a framework that would allow people to take a break and return to the material at any time.  With lifetime access, you can truly take the course at your own pace. A great analogy might be comparing a movie trailer to the the movie itself. You get the idea behind the movie, and you know if you want more or not. If you want more, there is no comparison to watching and experiencing the full-length movie.

No.  Open enrollment lasts for a short window and then we will close the doors until the fall or next winter.  The most important reason for this is that I want to walk through the course WITH you, and that would be impossible to do if people could sign up and go through it at any time.  By doing the course together, one module, one lesson at a time, we can engage in and support one another in community.  Once you enroll, you will receive an invitation to our private Facebook group, Wounded To Worthy Community, where you are invited to connect and encourage one another throughout the course.  It is here in this group, that I will be going live every week to answer your questions and bring anything else that would be relevant to our time together.

Once you enroll, you will receive a welcome email with your personal login to the course.  Once you login, you will see my welcome video as well as my story video.  You will also receive links to download two of my albums:  Rise Up and Six Feet Down.  I encourage you to watch both videos and become familiar with the songs, lingering on those that resonate with you.  Depending on when you enroll, the course will start within a week or two and the start date will be included. Don’t worry, we’ll be be sure to send you an email reminder! Once the course officially starts, you will see both Modules 1 and 5 loaded with all of the lessons for each module.  As I mentioned earlier, Module 5 is full of amazing self-care tips and tools to help you along the way, so at any point if you feel like you need some additional support, that module is available. Each Monday, we will upload the next module except for weeks 3 and 5.  These two weeks are additional implementation/catch up weeks to give you plenty of time to work through the homework in the previous week’s lessons. Modules 4 and 5 will follow consecutively with an additional week at the end for any remaining homework and follow-up.  In addition to the video instruction and the PDF supplementation for each week, there will be a FB Live with yours truly on Thursdays at 1pm Pacific. Replays will always be available on the community page, so don’t stress if you can’t make it to the Live.  You should also feel completely okay if it takes you longer than the 8 weeks to complete the course.  In this sense, we want you to take the time you need, just keep moving forward.


""I had known that Kate was a premier singer and songwriter before I ever met her. She was performing at a trauma conference I was teaching at, and I was delighted to meet her. When I spoke, she let me know that my material had cast new light on her own history of suffering. Kate took the new insight as an opportunity to grow, seeking to learn how to thrive from her past wounds. She networked with local counselors, pastors, and teachers to get the word out: There is a path from Wounded to Worthy! Within a year of our first meeting, she headed up a seminar for those she was networking with, and invited me to partner with her, ministering to survivors and counselors in Vancouver, Washington. We worked harmoniously, and I found that Kate makes things happen. She was, and is, actively working to bring wounded people into God’s presence, armed with the latest counseling and spiritual understanding, to help people (1) learn to take better care of themselves and (2) grow into being the person God created them to be.""

James G. Friesen, Ph.D
Clinical Psychologist, Author, Northridge, CA

"Kate, along with her Godly wisdom and the practical tools she teaches have been invaluable in my own personal 4yr healing journey. Kate understands trauma and how it affects us and her course helps us understand ourselves and open up our heart to allow God to gently come in and reach the parts of us that need healing so we can truly be healthy and whole! After a lifetime of autoimmune illnesses and Fibromyalgia (I now understand it was induced from unprocessed childhood trauma and sexual abuse), being wheelchair dependent for 25yers and 10 years on oxygen 24/7…I’m now doing things with my grandchildren that I could not physically do with my children 30 years ago! Thank you Kate! May you be blessed as you have blessed me and all those who have / will be touched by your course! "

Liz Cole
Healing Coach, Midland, TX

Wounded To Worthy is PERFECT for you if…

  1. You are just getting started in your healing journey and want to get these foundational tools and principles down so you know how to find the missing pieces to the story of YOU and care for yourself along the way.

  2. You haven’t walked through serious trauma, but you’ve been stuck for  a while in some of your thought patterns and behaviors and you’d like to address what’s behind them and move forward in life.

  3. You've walked through serious trauma, have a good support system in place, and want to learn all you can about the ways you’ve added layers of self-protection on top of your wounds so you can address them and remove your barriers to healing and forgiveness.

  4. You have felt helpless and wished there were practical things you could do to reduce your emotional reactions and enhance or speed up the healing process.

  5. You have suspected/feared that there are more layers to unpack and resolve in your healing journey that you have not been able to pinpoint.  What I’ve shared with you is hitting home, and you realize this could be what you’re missing.

  6. You have no problem investing a few hours a week to fully digest the material as long as you know every bit of energy you invest, even if it’s hard, will move you toward greater understanding, freedom and joy.

  7. You are already investing time, energy and resources to move this direction.  You see this course as an opportunity to supplement your investment, and add more resources and tools to help you reach your end goal:  A mind free of criticism, a heart free of shame and a changed life.

  8. You are a counselor/pastoral counselor or caregiver, and want to understand and apply these principles, first for yourself and then for those under your care.

  9. You feel excited to grab your access details and get started!  The idea that your life as you know it could be dramatically different in 2 months time is all the motivation you need - that, and knowing that if you’ve done the work in the first two modules and don’t see the benefits you had hoped for, you can send me a quick message asking me to refund your money.


If you said “yes” to at least 4 of the above, I can’t wait to meet you inside Wounded To Worthy!


""My ministry, Hope for Families of Inmates, has had the privilege of Kate White's teachings during our annual ladies retreats over the course of 4 years. Her experience and education has reached deep into the souls of our members and I have witnessed firsthand healing and restoration as the members have applied the tools learned to their lives. Our church has also had the pleasure of hosting Kate White's conference, "Wounded to Worthy", two years in a row. Kate's materials in both the conferences and workshops have always brought new refreshing, inspiring music, and information beneficial to many who are journeying down the road to healing. ""

Event and Volunteer Coordinator, Living Hope Church, Vancouver, WA

""Kate has God-given wisdom in the area of healing and restoration. Her words are powerful and challenging, yet kind and loving. Every time Kate speaks, she ushers in the Lord's peace into the room and it fills the entire space. I would be at every Kate White Ministries event if I could. " "

Mikey Moore
Worship Pastor, Crossroads Church, Vancouver, WA

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